Friday, December 21, 2012

                                         Ski tracks left on #14
                                         Ski tracks on #8 Green
                                         Ski pole damage on #5 Green
                                         Ice left on the Green from ski tracks
                                         Ski tracks on #5 Green
                                         Ski tracks around #5 Green
                                         Ski tracks right across #4 Green

Well we finally got enough snow to start enjoying some outdoor winter activities!
For an unknown reason someone decided we had enough last week to cross country ski on the Greywalls course.  This disrespectful individual also skied across the roped off greens damaging the turf below because there was not even close to enough snow for that kind of activity on a golf course.
The Greens are roped off for a reason please keep your winter traffic as far away from these areas as you can plus please be patient and wait for enough snow cover before enjoying the MGC property.

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