Thursday, March 27, 2014

Yup, its still snowing! Yikes
Once again the frost has heaved up the ground in front of the rear mechanics bay door at the Heritage shop.  When we are in that shop working with the heat on the snow begins to melt off the roof and run right into the shop to create a skating rink at night.  I went and picked up some sand bags to dam the door off and hold back the water.  When we get a melt down (I hope soon) a lot more water will be heading for the shop because it can't go down with these frost levels!
I think it is time to stop dealing with this problem and install a drain this summer in front of the door.  

Andy pealed off the flaking paint and repainted the Heritage Grounds entry sign giving it new life once again!

Monday, March 24, 2014

The new hole signs are coming along.  I should be done with the routing today then I can sand them down.  They will be stained and clear coated next followed by letter painting and adhering the logo.  Several additional final coats of clear will be the last step to complete the signs.
The new bar is complete in the Clubhouse and it is a big improvement.  The clubhouse has had a lot of updates in the last year and I think it looks wonderful.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Our new embroidered Logo flags are in and I can not wait to get them out in the wind.  They will be a fantastic addition to our classy courses.
We will also offer them for sale in the pro-shop if anyone is interested.
One day of melt a few weeks ago flooded the Heritage shop as usual.  I pumped it all out and now await the next big melt in a week or so.

Andy and I have a lot going on in the shop right now.  The course signs were all repaired, sanded, re-stained and re-sealed in the last few weeks.
We also took the time to make new yardage blocks for every tee on The Heritage course and replacements for the Greyalls course.  We made these out of out of composite decking in hopes of them last a very long time; when compared to the current wood ones that were on every Greywalls tee.
I am also redoing all of the hole signs on the Greywalls course.  The current signs are the original signs and with a few changed yardages plus lots of splitting they are ready to be replaced.  The new ones will be a little more attractive but still keep the custom rustic look we want for the course.
One more cold week then it looks like the temps will moderate out and guide us into spring!

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