Saturday, April 21, 2018

Snow Cover

Digging out to the Greywalls shop Door after the Mid-April snow storm.  

Snow pack up to the lean-to roof line

The Mid-April storm event even filled the buildings with snow.  

This has indeed been a very long winter.  The MGC property was covered with snow on November 8th and we have not seen the turf below since that morning.  We are now over 160 days of snow cover making it the longest I have experienced as a manager.  Preventative snowmold applications that we apply in the fall can typically provide control for around 120 days; because we are beyond that time frame we should expect to see turf damaged from winter fungal pathogens when the snow recedes.  Most of the damage we will experience should recover quickly with the proper care and warmer temperatures.  
The weather has now changed into a spring pattern and snow melt is happening rapidly.  We will be prepared and we look forward to spring cleanup and course preparation.  

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