Thursday, January 31, 2019

Heritage Course Tree issues

We will soon begin to remove trees on the Heritage course following the forest management plan we have in place.  I would like to share pictures to show the type of trees we will be targeting first; these trees are along the plowed trails on the way out to the 5/6/7 gully/ravine that is getting cleared out.  

Canopy decline with hazardous broken branches hanging above 

A fine example of total tree dieback 

With the leaves off this Maple you can see the dead center.  The large center trunk broke off several years ago.  

Another thin canopy on a Spruce between 3/8

This Spruce between 4/5 will fall on its own very soon as did the 4 that used to grow next it.  

A close up picture of the needles shows the insect/disease severity we are experiencing with our conifers on the Heritage course.  

A conifer marked for removal between 3/8

Information on the type problems we face with conifers can be found in the links below:

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