Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Winter is definitely here with a big 25"-35" snow storm settled over us right now.

I can't say enough about my staff the last several months especially my core guys left to help over the last few weeks, their effort at putting the courses to bed 'right' was phenomenal.  We are weather hounds and we knew this storm was fast approaching so we put things into overdrive and completed every essential task in the nick of time.  

-Playing surfaces were maintained for play up to our closing dates then the greens were aerified utilizing solid tines.  
-Both courses were properly treated with the appropriate fungicides to control Snowmold.
-Drains were all flushed and several new drains were installed.
-Both Irrigation systems were winterized properly.
-Our extensive and time consuming Leaf mulching and blowing was efficient and effective.  
-All native areas were mowed down
-Greens were buried in sand for plant crown protection as usual and we even heavily topdressed the Greywalls tees. 
-Shop water lines were winterized.  
-Milorganite was spread on top of the sand on the greens to help melt snow and ice in the spring and activate an earlier spring green up on the putting surfaces.  
-Putting surfaces were roped off to eliminate winter traffic issues.  The Greywalls Tees were also staked this year to mark their winter location so I can monitor any traffic issues near them.  
-Snow fence was erected around several historically wind swept greens to help build up a protective snow layer on top of them.  
-All equipment was detail cleaned and properly winterized before being parked for the winter months.  
-Inventory was completed on all left over fertilizer and chemical products so they can be factored into 2015 planning.  Any liquid products are moving into a heated location to avoid freezing.  
-All out buildings were organized and prepared for winter.  
-Mower reels and equipment that need service were moved to the Heritage shop and parked accordingly.  
-Reel grinding has been started and will continue all winter.  
-Our Plow truck was serviced and repaired in-house and all snow removal tools are staged for use.  
-Signs/tee markers/all other course assessories are all hauled off the course and moved to the Greywalls shop to be refurbished over the winter months.  

Every aspect of this list is essential for a smooth spring and a successful 2015 season.  

Fall is the busiest time of year for us because in Marquette Michigan we have one shot to get this list completed before old man winter arrives.  If we fail in any aspect it will effect the entire operation the following season.  My staff takes these processes very serious and I am proud of my core guys of The Marquette Golf Club grounds department as we got it done yet again as a team!

Irrigation blow out
Compressor used for irrigation winterization
Heavily Topdressed green
Close up after the sand and Milorganite was spread on the greens
Additional drain line installed by the rear door of the Heritage shop to collect spring runoff water.
Winter is here to stay, get out and enjoy it!!

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