Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Heritage course came through the winter better than ever!  
We had a very long winter with major snow-mold pressure.  On the Heritage course the greens are perfect, the approaches look fantastic and the tees look good.  It was a great winter to test a few different products and combinations on the golf course fairways and I learned a bit more this winter that will help us in the future.  Grerywalls also came through with flying colors considering the amount of time the turf spent under old man winters dormant spell.
 Left side Tebuconazole (0.6oz/M)-Chlorothalonil (2.3oz/M) mixture
Right side Propiconazole (0.75 oz./M) -Chlorothanonil mix (2.3oz/M) mixture
 Left side Tebuconazole (0.6oz/M)-Chlorothalonil (2.3oz/M) mixture
Right side Propiconazole (0.75 oz./M) -Chlorothanonil mix (2.3oz/M) mixture

Not only is the Tebuconazole cheaper than the Propiconazole but it also out performed it by a long shot!
I will be making the switch this fall.

#2 fairway Heritage treated with Tebuconazole (0.6oz/M)-Chlorothalonil (2.3oz/M) mixture
#3 fairway Heritage treated with Propiconazole (0.75 oz./M) -Chlorothanonil mix (2.3oz/M) mixture
#8 fairway Heritage treated with Tebuconazole (0.6oz/M)-Chlorothalonil (2.3oz/M) mixture
#4 fairway Heritage treated with Propiconazole (0.75 oz./M) -Chlorothanonil mix (2.3oz/M) mixture

I do not see a big difference between these two combinations on the Greywalls fairways, but that is not a surprise as the varieties of turf we are grow on the Greywalls fairways are more resistant to the snowmold fungal pathogens.

UW had a banner year to test different snowmold products on our 11th fairway of the Heritage course.  The snowmold count was near 100% within their check plots.  The UW full report should be out within a month and I look forward to reading about the results.
Nice weather for April 29th.  We are so ready for Spring - bring it on!!
With the death of the old red barn we are now in a storage crunch.  I picked up a 10x20 canopy and put it behind the Heritage shop as a temporary solution.  We will need to construct a permanent lean-to in this location and one next to the Greywalls shop.  Removal of the Red barn in on the radar.
The cart barn parking lines have all been repainted.  The parking lot line will also get repainted this spring as the weather cooperates.
 We expanded the Recycling at each cart barn this year.  To go along with the blue container for metal/glass/plastic we added a green bucket for small batteries and a blue drum for used oil.
I know many of you change your golf cart oil on site and we want to make it convenient for you to recycle the oil properly.  Feel free to bring in any used oil you may have sitting around your house also; we will make sure it get recycled properly.

The new deck path next to the putting green is going very well.  The sod was removed and eight loads of soil were excavated out of the hill by hand.  We harvested four truck bed loads of rocks from Greywalls to build the rock wall and rock bed that we can eventually plant some perennial within.  The pavers were laid in a sand bed and are going to be held in place with a concrete strip along the edge.  Sod will then be laid back along the edge and all of the seems and cracks will be filled with a soil seed mix.  The idea is to have these with in the turf, we can then simply mow over them.
 The new drain on #14 Heritage approach is working perfectly
#14 Green Heritage is the first green to start growing in the spring but the green was always a swamp and we had to delay any maintenance for weeks.  This year we were able to get down and walkmow that green earlier than ever!  A big improvement :)

Friday, April 18, 2014

Our Equipment on the Heritage side has all been fired up for the spring and the Proshop carts are getting serviced.  The member cart barns have been cleaned and we plan on repainting the parking lines early next week.
The 'Old Red Barn' is officially dead.  The South side roof main beams finally gave way this winter so I am going to move everything out of it next week (after I brace it).  It will be boarded up until we tear it down.  We will need to find a temporary cold storage solution until we find a replacement for the 100 year old structure.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

 I fired up the old girl to help us move some snow around the shop this week!
 A new seat for the old work horse
The old seat....Yes it was time for a new one :)
The ground above the stump burial pile left of #18 Greywalls is really starting to cave in after 11 years!
We will have to get a bulldozer in here to rework this area along with the other burial area by #11 red/gold tees.
Putting Green #1 Greywalls is seeing the light (at least some of it is)
With this weather the sign shop is in full force :)   We are getting around to some signs we have been wanting to create for several years now.  Productive times at MGC!

We took our first fertilizer delivery of the year this early week before the road restrictions take a hold because they may be in force for some time this spring.
More flood water pumping last Sunday at the Heritage shop

The green on #16 Heritage is partially exposed and looking fantastic!
Plowing last week and more to come tonight!
The temps do look like they will change next week more in our favor.  Still two feet of snow on the majority of the golf course.

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