Thursday, September 3, 2015

Hydraulic leak

We had a large hydraulic leak on number 1 green (Greywalls) this week.  The leak occurred on Monday when we were closed for maintenance.  Your crew was in the process of mowing after vertical mowing of the greens when the leak happened.  A failed bolt on the front reel drive on our old greensmower allowed hot oil to blow out covering the green in one pass.  Our experienced operator noticed the leak after only one pass and got the machine to the nearest native area -as instructed in such a situation.  
Unfortunately a path of oil followed him which will kill off the turf on the green and on the approach in due time.  We were closed until 1 which allowed us to complete cleanup of the pooling oil before we finished topdressing the rest of the greens.  

Today we had a back nine start so we could take cleanup and recovery to the next level on the first green.  

Aerification to remove oiled areas and prepare a seedbed.  

Quarter inch diameter quad tine blocks used on the green and 1/2" tines used on the approach.

Cores shoveled off and hauled away

A picture of the oil leak across the green
Oil even seen at night with the lights
Oil leak on the approach 

Mowing after core cleanup

Seeding the green with bentgrass and fescue and the approach with just fescue

Sand Topdressing the green after seeding damaged areas heavily

Seed and sand mix

Dragging the seed/sand mix into the aerification holes

Rolling the green surface to smooth it out

Watering the sand/seed mixture into the canopy along with an organic fertilizer applied to the surface after rolling.  

The spill area after our labor of effort to eliminate the need for sod.  
The green will have discoloration in the oil spilled areas but we hope to have new seedling growth soon.  

When operating any machinery -especially older equipment- leaks are a reality but we have had 5 leaks on the greens this year alone, this being the largest and most concentrated by far.  
It is time for us to invest in a new greensmower for next season.  Those plans are in the work now.  

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