Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Green Edges redefined

We are going to locate the original green well edge on holes #1 and # 14 on Greywalls first thing in the spring.  The perimeter has grown larger over the years from mower operator error; which is unavoidable and happens everywhere.  The 2015 club survey identified these two greens as a problem for some golfers.  The greens were constructed with a 16" sand root zone so it is easy to identify the original edge.  We will core aerify the perimeter and mark where the sand cores meet the native soil cores.  

Here is a picture from last season when we aerified the green perimeters.  You can see the darker native soil cores to the right and the lighter sand cores to the left.  

Case Backhoe

Our old 580e Case Loader/Backhoe finally lost its shuttle drive a few weeks ago.  This 1985 unit was purchased well used by the club in 1999 to complete a tree removal project behind #13 green on the Heritage.  The 580e then went on to assist with many projects during the construction of Greywalls.  We desperately need this unit to load material, dig holes, push brush and pull stumps during the season.  Over the winter months I used the 580e to move snow banks.  The fact that it is only 2wd and has no enclosed cab made winter work very tricky and uncomfortable.  
It does not make sense for us to sink close to $9k into this unit when you analyze its age, it's hours and it's traction limitations.  I have been searching for another used unit with less hours, 4wd and a cab that will fit our evolved needs.  I wanted to stick with a Case 580 because 1) it has worked well for us for many years 2) we are comfortable with its operation 3) I just spent $1900 on new tires last fall that I want to keep and use.  

The 'Old Girl' sits in the parking lot waiting to be picked up.  

Working with our local Case dealer we were able to locate this 2000 580 Super L in Wausau, Wisconsin.  I took a road trip down to inspect and operate the unit.  It is fully functional and mechanically sound.  The unit is local to the Wausau area and the dealer there maintained the unit for the customer.  It has some rust from winter work but is a huge upgrade from what we currently have.   
I hope a deal can be made soon so we can move these snow banks.  

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