Friday, July 21, 2017

Insect pests

We have been battling ants for over a dozen years on both courses (especially on the Greywalls tees and greens).  Ant mounds damage our green and tee mowers as the sand dulls the blades plus is smoothers the turf.  We have to knock down the mounds before mowing; which adds time and maintenance to our course prep. Control effort last only a few weeks before they recolonize the area.  Ants are a frustrating pest and are getting worse every year. 

We have had minimal grub activity in our area.... but that is about to change as our pest scouting has identified many European Chafer beetles. 
Theses beetles are here laying their eggs; which will hatch into grubs that will feed on our turf roots.  The grubs harm the turf but skunks and raccoons do even more damage as they dig up the turf to eat the grubs. 

Looks like additional control measures are in our future here at the Marquette Golf Club.... scouting will always be a part of our preventative IPM program.  

European Chafer crawling on our turf. 

Japanese Beetles have also been identified in large numbers the last few weeks.  The grubs of these beetles are not as large as European Chafer grubs but cause just as much damage.  We have identified potential problem areas and we will be treating the land in those areas soon.  

While grubs feed on thatch and turf roots it is skunks and raccoons that do the most of the damage as they feed on the grubs below.  
Pictured below is activity already scouted on the Heritage course.  It is evident that these new pests will have to be managed from this year forward on all maintained surfaces.  Budget increases will have to take place to make room for this added management of our surfaces.  


The landfill stopped its trailer pickup recycle program a few years back but that did not slow down our efforts at the club.  
We purchased a trailer from the landfill for our cardboard (fiber) recycling and we transformed another old trailer into a glass/plastic/metal (rigid) trailer.  I personally haul the trailers to the landfill every time they get full; takes time but it is a satisfying feeling knowing these are going to be recycled into other products. 

During the busy times we recycle a 1000 lbs. of cardboard and 1000 lbs. of rigids a month here at the club.  

Unloading our cardboard trailer inside the recycling facility.  

Unloading our rigid trailer inside the recycling facility.  

The Landfill recently sponsored a tire collection night in the city.  We took full advantage and we recycled 20 old turf equipment tires.  

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