Friday, February 6, 2015

These are my latest putting green flagstick design, I call these the candle cup sticks.  I really enjoy creating these unique golf course accessories out of raw wood. I feel it sets us apart from other courses as they add a classy touch.  
Staining and sealing process

Candle cup top

I build the metal screw tips myself.  I weld a 5/16 flat top bolt onto 5/8 ID tubular steel.  Getting the bolt straight is the tricky part, then I grind off the excess weld.  After painting it grey I mount it to the wood stick with glue and a roll pin for extra strength.  

The final coating is a clear shrink wrap material called vinyl guard.  

Before and after picture of the shrink wrap process.  The vinyl guard hugs tight to the wood and adds extra strength to the flagsticks; the wood grain still remains the focal point.  

The Finished product just needs to be screwed in the cup base.  
I made three hot pink stripped sticks to put out during our wonderful ladies events.  

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