Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Natural/Native Area mowing

It is that time of year again when we mow down all of the Native/Natural areas on both golf courses.  We start the bulk of this work after the regular rough growth slows down and we can change the height on other mowers to cut the long areas.  We like to get this done before the leaves start to heavily fall so we can blow most of them into those areas and mulch them up.  
There are many areas that our mowers can not get to because of rock or steep terrain; those areas get managed using hand equipment- labor intensive but effective.  
We were able to purchase a used sidewinder this season to use strictly in the Native/Natural areas.  As these areas mature and age not only do the grasses get thick but the volunteer weed population grows.  After years of observation we developed a list of 'critical' areas that come into play often during a round of golf.  Allowing these 'critical' areas to stay thick and tall creates frustration and slows down play.  Our goal is to groom these locations so balls that enter can be found quickly and be hit back into play.  
A few native flowering weeds is desirable in our Natural/Native areas but when there population begins to choke out the planted fine fescues and bluestem grasses chemical management must take place.  In order to make these applications the area must be groomed first.  You will see more and more of this in the future as we continue our effort of keeping the grasses as the predominant species within these areas.   
Our new/used addition to the fleet pictured above.  We feel this unit will benefit all of our members and guests.  

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