Monday, December 9, 2013

I have received many concerning questions about the snow  - turned to rain - turned to ice - turned to sub zero temperature weather that we were blasted with last week.
Ice accumulation this time of year are disastrous if they seal the surface and stay all winter long.  We dodged a bullet because we received 6 inches of snow before it turned over to rain for a few hours.  The rain simply froze up the top inch of snow leaving us with a 4-5 inch buffer of snow over the turf surface.
From what I have seen so far I have no concerns at the moment.  As long as it stays cold and snow covered until spring melt off we should be golden.
The course was beautiful, it looked like a white glazed wedding cake before it snowed again last night.

A little late season pruning before the arctic air really settled in.  Andy and I cleaned up the Pines between 4/5/8 on the Heritage course plus a few birches along the way.

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