Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Heritage shop has been very loud with the sound of grinders at work as we tear down and grind each reel in preparation for the 2013 golfing season.  Seals, bearings and other parts are replaces if needed and the reels are reconditioned as if they were new from the factory.  We use 100 reels to maintain the 36 holes here at MGC with the primary reels being serviced during the off-season.  This process takes loads of time and must be completed properly to achieve top quality turfgrass conditions.  

 Reel set-up on the Grinder
 Accuracy with-in one-thousandth of an inch 
 Reel spin grinding
 Relief grinding a reel
 Grinding of the Bedknives
 Reassembly of the Reel 
Putting the Reels back on the Tractor Unit
Equipment tires should never be left flat for extended periods of time or damage will occur to the sidewalls.  We air up any flat or low tires every two weeks in both shops and take note of those tires so they can be monitored more closely in the spring.

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