Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I love these late 'squeeze them in' projects.  We were able to install a drain on #14 Heritage last week.  This has been on the table for many years but we could never find the time to complete it until now!
This should help dramatically during the spring melt.  We are really looking forward to seeing this drain in action in 4-5 months.
It is Official both courses have been put to bed for the winter.  Everything that we can do was completed with success!!  It is now up to Mother Nature to be kind to us :)
Between the rain, wind, late leaf fall, snow and heavy frost days this fall it has been the most challenging of my career to get everything completed, but with some good help from quality staffers we got it done!!

We had an opportunity to take the Superior Hills Third grade class over to Greywalls so they could learn some hand-on Geology.  The kids had a wonderful time enjoying the beautiful natural landscape of the golf course.  

The old clubhouse deck has been removed.  The early arrival of winter put a hold on this project so the construction will be completed in the spring.
We have started the painting and refurbishing of the course supplies and signs, always a good job when you need to get out of the weather.
Our friend Porky came by a couple weeks ago over at the GW shop.  He see him a couple of days a week.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Winter Prep is full force
All Irrigation Systems winterized
All Greens solid tine aerified
All signs and supplies hauled off the course and are ready for winter touch-up/refinishing
Greywalls all sprayed, two more spray days left on the Heritage
Greywalls Greens Topdressed, milorganite Spread and roped off.  The same will follow for the Heritage as soon as I am done spraying the surfaces.
Snow fence still be be installed in our strategic locations.
Plow for the truck is ready but plow stakes still need to be installed
Shop water lines still to be winterized after the staff is laid off next week
Equipment winterization process is about 70% complete and reel grinding has begun
Last minute projects to be completed as the weather allows.
Trying to complete an Agronomic budget for next season
Etc. Etc.  no time to take a deep breath yet

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