Wednesday, June 28, 2017

New 11 Red Tee

We removed all of the sod from the nursery green on the Heritage course about a month ago and used it to sod the new 11 red tee pad.  The extra sod was used to re-grass the right side red tee on 18 Heritage.  
After a month of growth the new tee on 11 and the fresh turf on 18 should be ready for play very soon.  

Two man crew guiding our old sod cutter for straight cuts and a consistent depth.

We hauled the sod to location with my flat trailer and my work truck.  One trip is better than multiple hauls with smaller utility vehicles.  
Let the art of turf care begin.  It always looks like a lot of sod until you get it all in place and realize you need one more roll... and you go back for one more 8 foot roll to finish the job.  
It is delicate work to make sure the sod stays together, the seams are tight and the ground stays level as you create the new teeing surface.  

The Heritage nursery will be cut out even more and made larger.  After cutting the perimeters we will sand cap it and seed it soon so it can be utilized next season.  

New red tee on 11 after 3 weeks of growth.  The tee looks good as it firms up and starts to become playable. 

A behind view of the tee looking down the fairway.  

The Heritage Nursery cut out to its new size; sand has been hauled out as cap material.  Next step is floating the area out with the sand pro, pre-plant fertilizing the surface and seeding it.  I will use T-1 bentgrass and chewings fescue to seed the surface.  
We also have a goal of creating a second nursery on the Greywalls property. The more nursery space the better; we just need to identify a nice location for nursery #2 on the Greywalls property.  

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Heritage pumpstation

Out with old (pictured above) and in with the new.  Our 2 old main irrigation pumps from the 50's and 60's on the Heritage course have been replaced with a single pump controlled with a VFD.  
This new pump has many advantages including increased efficiency, higher pumping capacity and most importantly reliability.  
Old pumps and motors being removed 

John from Reinders had to perform many hours of custom fabrication to make this project functional. 

The new set up will be very user friendly 

The discharge pipe is completely customized and installed.  

The New set up is complete and should last many many years.  We are very excited to have a new pump that is dependable to use.  


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