Friday, June 28, 2013

Great Clouds behind number 6 Green Greywalls
Celebrity Classic went well, a few less thunderstorms would have been nice but all in all everyone still had a good time at MGC!!
Lots of clean-up and repairs were made this morning.  The soft conditions from the rain created a mess on the driving range.  We will have to shut down the range one day next week to make the repairs.  

Friday, June 21, 2013

The Heritage is looking Wonderful !!!!
and so is my oldest sons swing...look at the position at the top of his swing - perfect!
Not bad for 8
What a Wednesday this week
We lost the function of a main irrigation pump on Greywalls, had a Greensmower go down with a failure and had our main rough mowing unit break down.  
To top the cake someone decided to damage 13 Heritage green with an iron and another individual thought it would be a good idea to smash an irrigation head on #5 Greywalls with a rock.  
Nothing I wanted to get done - got done that day
 Divot 13 green Heritage
 Repaired divot 13 green Heritage
Rock next to the head after we valved down the system and drained the line to replace the head.  
You can clearly see the intent of this enraged golfer.  Why?  I don't know
Our First Womens Event was last week and we unveiled the Pink Sticks, something special that we put together this winter for our female patrons!
What a Golf Course!!  Everyone should feel proud of this place especially my all-star studded staff!!
The seasonal grooming has began.  Lots of afternoon hand trim work has started to take place.  These areas are thinned out to speed up play and enhance some features of the course.
Pictured is Chris giving it on #2 Greywalls, picture provided by 'The Doc'
Mike B. got down and dirty with the invasive saplings growing in the wetland in front of 3 tee Greywalls.  The front is clear and we will get back in later to get the right side.
Topdressing maintenance closure days are perfect morning to complete these jobs efficiently.
This little Fawn was laying on #17 Heritage about 2 feet into the long rough next to the tee all day during the Rotary outing and never moved.  I wonder if anybody even noticed him.
We took the time to add a water line to the shop at the Greywalls course last week during an outing afternoon.  We will use this to supply water to a dedicated mix/load pad and a wash off area after backlapping reels in the shop.  
 Hand digging over the well fill line
 Trenching with the old ditch-witch (she's still alive)
 Mike B. laying some serious pipe
 The crew back-filling the trench
 Two thumbs-up from Mike B. and Matt
Great post work
Fire sky above Greywalls in the early morning

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

It is turf grooming season and our Greens Topdressing schedule has religiously began.  
We are on a 3 week rotation - Greywalls one week, Heritage the next week then off a week.  
Please remember the day we topdress we are closed until noon on Heritage and 1 on Greywalls so we can complete the process properly.  We also take advantage of this time and complete other course maintenance needs like extra watering, aerification, fertilizing etc.  
It usually takes us the entire day to complete these duties, when play does begin on the Heritage at noon and Greywalls at 1 we are still busy working on the back nine.  It is important that no one starts on the back nine those days because many times the surfaces are not even playable yet.  
If we finish early we call the proshop to let them know we are finished and people can begin to tee it early.  

 Vertical mowing of the greens
 Blowing off the debris
 Early morning drag
Dragging in topdressing sand on number 4 green Greywalls

We rented a stump grinder last week and took care of some small stumps on both courses.  The belt broke on this unit so we were not able to finish.  We will have to continue on another day.
The GW staff has been hitting the sapling removal pretty hard and heavy.  Work has been performed on the outcrop between number 5 and 6 plus we are in the process of eliminating the invaders of the wetland on #3.

The groom crew has also been out in full force eliminating excessive growth in some popular yet undesirable golfing areas.  It is 'The Crews' way of speeding up play and eliminating some frustration.

Speaking of frustration.....
Lets try to avoid placing blame on the turf.  No divots out of our putting surfaces please!
One of our new all-stars Kevin moonlighting as a bartender at the B's.  We have a great crew this season!!

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