Tuesday, June 21, 2016

11 Red Tee on Greywalls

We were forced to close the front red tee on hole 11 Greywalls because the ground around and under the tee is caving in.  The Red tee was constructed on top of a stump burial pile; after 10 years the decomposition of those stumps below is causing hazardous and very unstable caving ground below.  
Our plan is to rebuild a new red tee on stable ground to the East of the current tee then leveling the old tee location with a dozer.  The new tee location will actually be a much better location to hit drives out onto the fairway.  
A look down at the red tee.  Several areas on this hill side are caving in.  

A close up picture of the tee bank caving in with holes.  

This picture is even better evidence of the ground stability issue.... The tee does have 4 irrigation heads around it but the back right head is no longer at the surface.  The head fell into one of the sink holes.  

A close up of the tee shows a very lumpy formation.  This tee is no longer flat enough to position yourself for a tee shot.  

Another image of the sinking tee. 

This will be the view down the fairway from the new red tee location.  Instead of looking into the steep hill on the right the tee will position an opening shot down the flatter left side between the bunkers.  

We hope to start this project by mid season (after some of our bigger outings are over) and finish it up by the fall.  
This time next year a new red tee should be available to play from on hole number 11 on Greywalls.  

Keep in mind our grounds crew is designed to maintain the Turfgrass playing condition on the MGC property.  It is not assembled for construction projects; so any extra project like this can not be tackled at the drop of a hat.  In an effort to save several thousands of dollars we will complete this project in house but it will take us time to allocate the labor of our grounds team.  

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