Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Verti-cutting Greens

We will be Vertical mowing the Greywalls greens tomorrow Wednesday July 17th
We will be Vertical mowing the Heritage greens Thursday July 18th

If you come out very early don't play to fast as we will try to stay ahead.
Sometimes I just drive around and wonder why and how......

Like...How do you miss this ballmark 2 feet from the cup and why did no one else fix it? ........

And why do two very fit and athletic looking golfers have to drive and park about 10 feet from the edge of the green when the stakes and posts clearly directed them in another direction 20 yards back?

These just may be questions that go unanswered during my time on this great Earth
We aerified all of the Tees on Greywalls in the last week.  We are battling the effects of take-all patch and the weakened turf is suffering during the heat.  We have localized dry spots (LDS), which is hydrophobic areas within the soil profile caused by fungal growth coating the soil with a water repellent coating.  Aerification helps manage thatch (fungus food) and provides a hole for water and nutrients to reach the turf rootzone.  
A fungicide was applied to knock down the pathogen and a high sulfur and micro-nutrient rich product was also applied to help address a pH issue, which happens to favor the fungal growth and not turfgrass growth.  
A wetting agent application and an organic fertilizer application are next in line on the tees.  

You might notice that we are also doing some spot aerification to the greens.  (18 pictured above)
This is being done to battle another pathogen called fairy-ring.  

Never a dull moment when maintaining turfgrass at a high level all while mowing it at 1/8" and its getting walked on all day.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Pumphouse repairs

We had another pump failure at Greywalls last week.  We figured it was the same issue that we had in 2011 and we were right.  A bad wire splice in the wet well had the pump grounding out in the water.  We removed the pumphouse roof and called in the experts from Kleiman well drilling.  Their boom truck lifted the pump out of the wet well and held it in place while it was rewired.  We are now back to full capacity.  
 Pump held up though the roof
 Boom truck holding it high
 Boom truck in position
 Roof peeled back

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