Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Hydraulic leaks again

We had two more late season hydraulic leaks this fall. One on Greywalls number 13 and one on Heritage number 15.  These areas were treated like the earlier leak we had on 1 Greywalls. 
These areas will recovery with time next season.  Leaks are always a risk when operating equipment but I have never had 3 in one season. 
Fresh leak on 13 Greywalls.  Peat about to be applied to soak up the excess oil.  
Area after peat was used and removed 
Double aerification on the damaged area
Watering in a heavy sand/seed mix
Cores on 15 Heritage a couple of days after the leak.  
Close up view of the cores before they were removed.  
The addition of this new greensmower will reduce our risk of hydraulic leaks next season

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