Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Oh Summer

Summer is indeed here with high temperatures and humidity providing the proof.
We finally received some much needed rain this week and it could not have come at a better time; we were almost out of water on the Heritage and only one operational pump at Greywalls was leaving us on the drier than our normal dry side.

Summer is indeed our most stressful time on the golf course, not only are the environmental stresses very high but it is also when the factory is roaring at full throttle and golf carts cover the playing field. While golf carts are needed to help many golfers play the game they also create additional stresses to our turfgrass most notably being compaction.

In an effort to lesson the stress on our golf course I ask everyone to please use common sense and follow some simple rules while operating a golf carts around the course…

-During dry times avoid brown areas of grass and drive on green grass only. I know some of our browner areas are hard to avoid this time of year but please do your best. I am sure you have all noticed the thousands of burned tire tracks through these areas. This happens when the unknowing drive through these areas during an afternoon round of golf; when the surface has dried out and the plants are at their wilting point.

-During wet times avoid saturated areas. Driving through these areas will compact the soil immensely and can even cause tire ruts.

-Follow all ropes and directional stakes as they are there to spread out the wear or eliminate wear in areas of high priority or stress.

-Brake easy and turn easy, this one is self evident.

One other side note.... to the individual who obviously has a putting issue and finds it necessary to rip divots out of the putting surface (as if it’s the grasses fault)….. Our wonderful teaching pros Marc or Mike are available for lessons, please give them a call.

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