Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Heat is on!

Animal conspiracy theory- the animals are fighting back…….
We have a very aggressive grouse that feels Greywalls is its home and no one else should be out there. It attacked several people on # 4 last Friday and has now taken a dislike to your grounds staff. We had a run in with it yesterday on # 7 tee and again this morning behind # 8 green. If you encounter this irritated bird, I recommend backing down first but by all means defend yourself if it flies at you. We will continue to seek out and humanly deal with this bird in the mornings.

Scot and the crew have been repairing the cart path on #6 Heritage through the gully this week. Over the last few years it has really started to erode and was becoming a concern. The Heritage course is looking great and I thank the guys for doing some fine work during this warm spell we are under.

Many of you might have noticed that we have been doing some aerification and vertical mowing on Greywalls, with our limited pumping capacity (because we still only have one operational pump) we are developing some pretty good localized dry spots (LDS). These areas of soil become hydrophobic and are not easy to re-wet after drying out. The best cultural/mechanical solution is to do some solid tine aerification and/or vertical mowing, this allows water to penetrate the surface and get down to the roots where we need it.

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