Friday, July 1, 2011

Celebrity Classic

We hosted the Celebrity Classic on Thurs. and it was a great success. Over $100K was raised for the Beacon House.
I would like to thank my grounds staff for the wonderful job they did all week. We had to step it up a knotch in order to get 5 days worth of tasks done in 3.5 days. Joey Ballgame and Super Dave from the Heritage staff came over to Greywalls on Thurs. morning to lend the GW crew a helping hand. It was the single best daily performance I have ever had from any crew and equipment; as we had no mechanical failures and everyone stayed focused on grooming the course by 10 am.
I would also like to say thank you to the clubhouse and proshop staff. Both of those departments also did a wonderful job. Everyone I talked to during and after the event said it was the best run operation they had seen.
We should all be very proud, MGC represented well as we impressed everyone.

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