Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Course supplies

We are finishing up all of our course supply projects in anticipation of an early spring.  The supplies weather over a season and we refurbish them every winter for a fresh look in the spring.  

Greywalls hole signs get refurbished every even year and touched up on the odd year.  Here they are getting a new coat of stain then urethane after being sanded down.  
The back of the hole signs are repainted.  The letters/numbers will be redone next followed by new logos on the front.  

Some new signage was requested for this season so those sign have been routed.  The edges of the letters are then cleaned up, the sides are sanded and both areas are painted.  We use solid composite decking for these course signs because they look and feel exactly like real wood and blend into the natural environment.  These composite decking boards are also very low maintenance when compared to real wood and will save us lots of time in the future.  

New driving range trash boxes and bag boxes have been made by a skilled employee and will replace the 10 year old boxes that were damaged last season.  
The Oak boards below will replace the 30 year old boards on the Heritage benches.  
More signs in the production line.  

The Heritage benches are getting a much needed make over.  These benches are over 35 years old but still have life left in them.  
The water logged pine wood 2x4's used for the seat and backing was removed and will be replaced with Oak 1x3's.  This will reduce the weight of the benches but not give up any strength.  The metal frames were scraped down and resurfaced with thick black truck bed-liner; which should last a very long time.  
This will be a big improvement to these benches.  
Bench Frames setting to dry.  

Your crew is looking forward to another great season on the turf!

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