Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Winter traffic

It feels and looks like mid-winter but indeed the 14/15 winter is still young.  Our turfgrass has a long road ahead before spring and for sensitive areas like greens and tees to survive, all winter recreation traffic must be eliminated from their surface.  
Activities like snow shoeing, skiing and snow biking are heart healthy winter activities that I encourage everyone to partake in but please do not traverse over the roped off greens or within 20 yards of the staked tees.  
The MGC property is almost 350 acres and the greens/tees only take up about 10 acres or 2% of that area leaving plenty of acreage to enjoy.  Winter traffic on these sensitive areas packs the snow and that packed snow turns into ice esp. on warmer days.  The longer the ice sits on the 1/8" plants the more likely it is to cause winter kill; which negatively impacts the course performance in the spring.  
Get out and enjoy winter but please avoid greens/tees while doing so.  Spread the word.
Traffic on 5 green
Traffic on 5 green
Traffic on 6 green
Traffic on 6 green
New additional ropes and ribbon added to 5 green

Ice build up on 5 green

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