Tuesday, June 11, 2013

It is turf grooming season and our Greens Topdressing schedule has religiously began.  
We are on a 3 week rotation - Greywalls one week, Heritage the next week then off a week.  
Please remember the day we topdress we are closed until noon on Heritage and 1 on Greywalls so we can complete the process properly.  We also take advantage of this time and complete other course maintenance needs like extra watering, aerification, fertilizing etc.  
It usually takes us the entire day to complete these duties, when play does begin on the Heritage at noon and Greywalls at 1 we are still busy working on the back nine.  It is important that no one starts on the back nine those days because many times the surfaces are not even playable yet.  
If we finish early we call the proshop to let them know we are finished and people can begin to tee it early.  

 Vertical mowing of the greens
 Blowing off the debris
 Early morning drag
Dragging in topdressing sand on number 4 green Greywalls

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