Wednesday, August 29, 2012

                                         Nitro Dave getting towed back to the shop
                                         Two dead units that need some help
                                         Down Deep
                                         Wedged between a rock and a hard place
                                         The Maple kept it from rolling all the way over
                                          Just kind of hanging out

We are still trying to recover from Monday.  

We first had to deal with two dead batteries in the morning followed by a blown engine in our Heritage JD2500 Tee and Approach mower.  The engine blew right in the middle of mowing #10 approach so we had to remove the reels and tow it back to the shop.  We were already down to one JD2500 because the other has a bad internal oil pump. That JD2500 engine is sitting on the work bench waiting for parts to arrive.  We had to sharpen up the old relic GK4's that we use to mow the Driving Range Tee and Chipper Approach with.  Looks like they will be back in full service until we work our magic on the JD2500's.  

Next we had a search and rescue mission out on a cart.  Someone did not set the parking brake on the #6 tee hill and it went for a joy ride.  We had to air-lift it out with chains and the tractor bucket.  It was wedged down between a rock and a maple tree.  

We also had two utility carts malfunction on Monday, this is all on top of the fact that Mike only had a 2 man crew on the Greywalls course.  

WOW what a start to the week.  It can only get better boys!

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