Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Warming up

This early spring has everyone giddy with excitement. The snow is melting off very fast, the 3 feet we received several weeks ago is now gone and all that is left is snow pack from earlier winter. The peaks and mounds are all emerging but the mega drifts and a good 1 ½ feet of harder packed snow still remains in most areas. Everything seem to be looking great from what I can see on the Heritage course, all of the areas treated for Snow-mold last fall look very clean. I know what the 10 day forecast says, but we may not be out of winter just yet and disease pressure for Pink Snow-mold is very high right now. I think we may have one more arctic blast left before it is all said and done.

This extended melt down may stick around long enough into next week to melt all of the snow and ice pockets off our greens early. That would be wonderful as it would eliminate my worry for the disastrous freeze thaw cycles that occur this time of year which creates plant crown hydration and winter kill.

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