Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Great weather continues

The last small pile of snow melted off theWest side of the Driving range tee last night. It should dry up in the next day or two then we can prep that area for an early practice season.
New Driving range mats are on order, I hope they come in by the end of the week. The driving range should be open by next week if all goes well.
If this weather continues we will be looking at a record opening date for the Heritage.

Greywalls green #4 looks to be the last green covered in snow and ice, but by the end of today even that surface should be melted off. Valley snow still remains on Greywalls from winter drifting but by the end of this week that should be gone as well.

Two more staff members are starting on the Greywalls course on monday. We will then operate with two guys on each side while keeping an eye on the long term weather forecast. I dont like getting real excited yet, after all it is only March in Mqt.

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