Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Topdressing on Heritage

We verticut and topdressed the Heritage Greens yesterday. The process went very well as we were able to finish ahead of schedule and open up for play an hour early.

A much needed moisture front is working its way over us right now, we need it in the worst of ways because it has been very hot and dry. An all day soaker would be wonderful for both golf courses.

We had to repair the intake pipe for the Heritage pond fill pump yesterday because a coupling came loose. Today we will be taking one of the Heritage main pump intakes out because something is restricting the flow, which causes the pump to over heat and shut down.

We still only have one main pump on Greywalls as the VFD is still getting repaired. Our distance from the repair shops really makes this a long process, plus our service company has a lot of territory to cover making scheduling a trip up North difficult at times.

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