Sunday, August 21, 2011

Friday we got .2" of rain that was much needed and we will take it. We were really praying for more but once again the bulk of the rain went to our south. We are building up our water supply in the Heritage pond now, so we can start to irrigate again this week.

The Greywalls irrigation pump drive should be installed this week and we will be back to full pump ability, this after going all summer with only one pump (it has not been an easy year).
We lost some turf on our Greywalls approaches, in the areas that have bentgrass encroachment from seed spill/contamination during the construction process. This turf loss was due to drought and excessive thatch; which does not allow water movement down to the roots. We already solid tine aerified the approaches and we will be doing some over seeding in those areas in the coming weeks. The long term solution to this propblem is more vertical mowing of the approaches; which is very difficult to do with our equipment limitations, amount of heavy play and staff level.

We will be doing some solid tine aerification to the Heritage Fairways this week.

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