Friday, December 14, 2018

Forest Management Progress

Perfect early winter conditions has allowed us to complete this years planned forest management on the Greywalls course.  Early snow with a cold snap froze up the ground allowing equipment traffic with limited negative surface impact.  3 areas were managed. 
1) Our SE corner was select cut to thin out the tree stand and remove all undesirable species; Healthy hemlocks and maple trees were left with more room to grow.
2) The wooded section between holes 8/9 was select cut on the number 9 side to remove the many maple trees with canopy die back.  
3) A 1.75 acre site left of 18 green was clear cut.  In time we will remove all of the stumps and convert this location into a turf nursery that can also be utilized as a practice putting/short game area.  

Tree removal equipment utilized on property.  Quick and efficient.  

Large forwarder removed the logs and brush quickly.

Logs stacked in a landing area by 18 green.

Logs stacked in a landing area at the SE corner. 

Tree tops stacked in a staging area awaiting a chipper.  

Chipper blowing tops right into a semi-trailer for quick removal.  

Three roads in the rough are being plowed on the Heritage course to the last section worked on this winter.  Removing the snow allows the ground to freeze so it can handle equipment traffic.  We will be removing trees from the 5/6/7 ravine to regain shot options; we will also be removing some spruce trees that are in decline or negatively effecting turf and golf holes.  
We will have additional cleanup in the spring but the long term impacts this process will have on the courses will be very positive.  


  1. Thanks for the update Craig. You sound confident and excited about the work that has been accomplished.

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