Thursday, June 14, 2018

Spring into Summer

Spring was very late to arrive as we had snow cover for 180 plus days in many locations.  Both golf courses handled the winter well with the exception of the teeing surfaces on Greywalls.  We had significant snowmold damage on those surfaces but we were able to enhance recovery quickly.  Vertical mowing, fertilization and an additional fungicide application gave the tees what they needed to recover in only two short weeks.

Tees like this are now looking mid-season form.  

Irrigation systems were put back together and pressurized for the season.  We had 3 pipe failures on Greywalls from frost heave and 6 broken head on the Heritage course.  

Quick coupler on Greywalls #5 green releasing air/water as we fill the lines.  

A main line pipe failure discovered on the Heritage course.  The cause is a tent stake from an outing we hosted last season.  A clamp is on order to make the repair..... never wise to cut asbestos pipes if you don’t have to.

The new bathrooms on Greywalls and the clubhouse deck were given a fresh coat of stain/sealer to extend the life of the wood and enhance the look of the structures.  

Irrigation audits are in place to check the performance of the irrigation heads.  

We are now into our summer grooming season.  Putting surface management is our top priority as we complete vertical mowing and sand Topdressing every 3-weeks to keep the surfaces smooth and true.  

Sand Topdressing on Greywalls before a spike unit is run over the surface and we drag the sand into the canopy.  

After we drag the sand into the canopy new cups are cut and brush reels are run over the  turf to collect any large sand particles.  

Sand on the Heritage greens awaiting further work.  

7 green on the Heritage course with perfect sand coverage.

Mowing schedules, proper course inputs  and performing regular cultural practices will keep our surfaces in fantastic condition now and into the future.

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