Friday, July 21, 2017


The landfill stopped its trailer pickup recycle program a few years back but that did not slow down our efforts at the club.  
We purchased a trailer from the landfill for our cardboard (fiber) recycling and we transformed another old trailer into a glass/plastic/metal (rigid) trailer.  I personally haul the trailers to the landfill every time they get full; takes time but it is a satisfying feeling knowing these are going to be recycled into other products. 

During the busy times we recycle a 1000 lbs. of cardboard and 1000 lbs. of rigids a month here at the club.  

Unloading our cardboard trailer inside the recycling facility.  

Unloading our rigid trailer inside the recycling facility.  

The Landfill recently sponsored a tire collection night in the city.  We took full advantage and we recycled 20 old turf equipment tires.  

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