Sunday, March 26, 2017

High Winds

High Winds!
We had a major wind event this winter that took down 18 trees in managed turf areas.  The wind was sustained at 40 mph with gusts up to 60 mph for 6 straight hours.  These winds definitely added work to our spring cleanup duties.   
The wind was just to powerful for many of the exposed Hemlocks on the back 9 of Greywalls to handle.  The majority of the trees came down back here.  

This group of trees between 12/13 on Greywalls gets smaller and smaller every year.  

This majestic spruce at the enterence of the club was no match for the winds.  It's roots gave out and it smashed down on the club sign.  

Many trees along Grove Street came crashing down in the wind.  

The way these all snapped off proves the shear strength of the wind.  

Even Maple trees came down in the wind.  

I could hear these trees snap off as I worked in the shop with the doors open.  

Some of these trees not only snapped off but the tops flew a good distance away from their trunks.  

Another tree top laying 15 yards away from its base.  

Clean-up will take some extra time this spring; I will have to pick up an additional chain saw and bring staff back a bit early to complete the clean-up process.  

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