Friday, May 13, 2016

Stump removal

Our good member Mark Sellers brought us a CAT 279D from FABCO with a stump grinding head this spring.  This unit was greatly appreciated by the crew as it allowed us to remove 30+ stumps on both courses.  The majority of the work was on the Heritage course; because we had to remove 10 very large Maple trees along Grove Street this winter.  These Maple trees were dead or in extreme decline and became a hazard.  This Skid-steer proved to be a huge time saver for us and was easier on our backs; when compared to our small manual grinder.  As expected the Maple stumps proved to be very dense and a challenge to grind- when compared to the Hemlock and Birch stumps we removed in other locations.  
CAT 279D with a Stimp Grinder attachment 

A ground down oak stump on Greywalls

A ground down Maple stump on Greywalls 

We did some late winter tree removal on Greywalls hole #15.  We removed the declined Hemlock to the back left of the green (that was hanging over the green) and the smaller Oak and Maple on the right side.  
The right side of 15 green struggled because it did not get enough morning sun.  We will start with those two trees but might remove the other Oak if turf density does not improve by the end of the season.  Removing those two trees opened up the right side of the hole for those right handed players with a Slice or left handed players with draw.... A big improvement to all.
Before removal
After tree/stump removal 


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