Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Bridge project

The finishing touches on The #4 Greywalls Bridge is getting wrapped up this week.  Your crew was hard at work removing the old rotten wood; which was a daunting task because the wood was very soft and had thousands of nails in it.  
The main beams (three large tree logs) were still good in good shape so we kept them in place but just added two new support jacks under the center beam.  
For the next layer of side by side support we reused the main 2x8 boards from the old clubhouse deck; which saved use a couple hundred dollars.  
The treated 2x4 nailers, treated thick decking boards and treated 4x4 rails were purchased new.  
Just another check off the list for the MGC grounds staff.  
Removal of the old wood.

Halfway there on the demo

The new treated lumber boards

2x8's in place with treated 2x4 nailers getting installed

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