Saturday, March 21, 2015

Cart Barn reorganization

The original old Red maintenance barn at the Heritage course is no longer safe to even walk in and is coming down.  The loss of that leaky barn left us in need of some cold storage for some of our equipment.  
The club leased Proshop carts were also being forced in the corner of barn C.  That parking scenario was very inefficient and created a potential for cart damage when parked so tight.  
We did an inventory of the three lower parking lot cart barns and found out there was not even enough member carts to fill up two barns.  
The club owned equipment storage dilemma was discussed in our managers meetings.  We had two options 1.) build a new building, which is expensive and not an immediate solution to a current problem or 2.) efficiently utilize the current storage buildings owned by MGC.  The more effective and efficient manner of parking (option 2) was recommended at a board meeting and it was approved.  It was a quick decision because it costs no money and was immediate.  
We took advantage of last Sunday and Mondays warm weather to reorganize and clean the three barns.  Cart barn A and Cart barn C are now member cart storage barns and cart barn B is now used to store maintenance equipment on the left and Proshop carts to the right.  
A great solution and great result.  Marc and I are very happy to become more organized and efficiently utilizes our spaces.  

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