Monday, August 11, 2014

After holding off on applications of several different products (during our winter recovery) we are now back on track.  
Paclobutrazol application result on the Greywalls greens.  
I use this plant growth regulator product to severely suppress poa annua growing on the Greywalls greens.  You can easily see how damaged the Poa is and how healthy the bentgrass looks.  

Below is the effects of a contact Herbicide application called Quicksiler on the Greywalls greens
Quicksilver bleaches out and severely weakens Pearlwort growing on the surface.  
Quicksilver also damages silvery-thread moss.  
Multiple apications per year are needed of this product to keep these two weeds knocked down; which gives the competitive advantage to the desirable creeping bentgrass plants on the putting surfaces.  

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