Friday, June 6, 2014

This picture of #17 green on Greywalls was taken one month ago today, the day we overseeded this green.  The recovery process was slow for the first two weeks as temperatures remained cold.  The last two weeks have been much better and recover has been rapid.  The toughest thing to do agronomically is grow new grass from seed on a putting surface open for play.  It will take time but the Greywalls 16/17 greens will recover.

During this 'regrowing time' the Height of cut must remain slightly higher than usual to enhance the recovery process.  While this increased height is only 0.015" (0.140" vs. 0.125") it still provides a benefit to the plant as a little more plant material is left for photosynthesis.  Other inputs also change during a recovery process; increased fertilization, decreased growth regulators, reduced mowing frequency and reduced grooming.  You add all of these things up and it certainly effects the play-ability of the playing surface.  The greens are slower than usual and the depressions of recovering turf don't provide the perfect ball roll scenario we typically present.
With time and further recovery we will once again begin our regular maintenance program and the greens will once again be there former glory but it is not simply all about "shaving the greens down" as I hear so often.

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