Friday, March 21, 2014

Andy and I have a lot going on in the shop right now.  The course signs were all repaired, sanded, re-stained and re-sealed in the last few weeks.
We also took the time to make new yardage blocks for every tee on The Heritage course and replacements for the Greyalls course.  We made these out of out of composite decking in hopes of them last a very long time; when compared to the current wood ones that were on every Greywalls tee.
I am also redoing all of the hole signs on the Greywalls course.  The current signs are the original signs and with a few changed yardages plus lots of splitting they are ready to be replaced.  The new ones will be a little more attractive but still keep the custom rustic look we want for the course.
One more cold week then it looks like the temps will moderate out and guide us into spring!

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