Friday, May 3, 2013

Pictures say a thousand words
You can easily see my spray lines below from last fall.  They show the importance of our fall fungicide application.  Unprotected turf gets overrun with snow-mold in Marquette and takes much longer to grow in the spring of the year.  Lower cut turf like fairways and especially greens face death from this pathogen while the longer cut rough has a much higher survival rate. 

#13 Fairway Greywalls (left side)
#13 Fairway Greywalls closer to the Green (right side)
#4 Fairway Greywalls
#5 Forward Tee Greywalls is not only level now but survived very well
#10 Green Heritage.  My one pass around the green when spraying Approaches.  Can you tell where my boom ended?

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