Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Taking advantage of the weather

 We re-routed cart traffic entering the fairway on #12 Greywalls.  If left for another season the bare area would have been pushed into the fairway itself.  We will now direct traffic to the right and provide several locations to enter the fairway.  We will now have options available to spread out the wear and provide recovery time to the turf.  Vegetation was removed, the ground was smoothed out and a gravel mix was laid down.  The beat down and worn out area was filled with topsoil and seeded.
We have a worse situation on number 13 by the green.  The solution there is a path into the woods.  Something we will look into more during the 2013 season.
A reminder to everyone.....slow down in those carts, this is a golf course not a race course.
We removed around 15 maple trees behind number 8 Tee and several more behind number 8 green that were in serious decline and losing branches weekly.  We have around 20 more trees in this high traffic area that need to be removed.

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