Wednesday, July 25, 2012

After topdressing the greens and incorporating the sand into the turf canopy with a coco-fiber drag mat we then clean up the surface with a set of brush reels.  These reels pick up all the the larger sand particles left on the surface (sand that can't be worked into the turf surface).  We had a brush reel malfunction on the right side of #16 green on Greywalls.  The reels dug into the green and tore out the grass.  
The top is a picture after it happened and below that is a picture after we overseeded/fertilized and repaired the area.  The turf on that side of the green is very weak from excessive traffic and is also the first area on that green to dry out.  The thin turf and limited root structure on that slope made it easy to uproot during the malfunction.

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