Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Weather was cold this weekend but that did not stop many of you from enjoying the first weekend of 2012 golf. This week looks pretty good with lots of sun so come out and enjoy!

As you play around the loops you will notice that number 6 is the next green complex we chose for expansion on the Heritage. Like numbers 8 and 11 last year; our goal on #6 is to maintain the original lost green surface at the same height of cut (HOC) as our approach. We will leave it at that HOC for several years while the verdure or density of the turf stand increases. Over the next few years we will overseed with bentgrass plus we will begin to aerify and sand topdress to match the surface of the current green. (I did make a couple short video on our #12 green expansion project several years ago and put them on youtube.) Mowing lines and Heights of cut are critical elements of a design as they dictate the playability of the turf surface. Over time the original mow lines can creep in by inches a year if not maintained by a watchful eye. After 86 years inches become yards and lost pin positions, lost design intent and lost putting interest is the result.

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