Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring Conditions

Our annual spring clean-up is going well, we are in the process of cleaning up any trees, branches, sticks and leaves that came down this winter. We are also trying to put the first cut on our primary playing areas as they dry out enough to do so.

The turf on both courses came out of winter very well. Areas of desiccation seem to be ok with green crowns still in place below the brown tips, SnowMold damage is less than normal on Tees, Approaches and Fairways. All 40 of the putting surfaces look good. The Heritage greens look 100% clean and free of any snowmold and ice damage and the Greywalls greens look around 98% clean of snowmold (#3 and #17 had some activity). Some of the greens on both courses, which were exposed longer, do have some brown tip desiccation. This will grow out quickly once warmer weather arrives. I think the worst of our green damage this winter came from the paws of a fox, which dug up the old cup holes on several of the Greywalls greens.

The golf itch is here, all we need is some warmer weather to go with it!!

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