Monday, March 23, 2015

Snow melt evaluation on the Heritage course

One of my favorite times of year is snowmelt; not just because golf season is right around the corner but because I can evaluate all of our Snowmold applications.  
I toured the Heritage course today and from what I see (so far) the greens, tees and approaches look fantastic.  The fairways are a bit puzzling at this point.  Some fairways look wonderful yet other had significant Snowmold damage even when sprayed with the same products.  Control is never 100% because we only use two active ingredients at lower rates on the fairways.  The economics and the difference in the recovery threshold on that higher cut fairway turf surface make it possible to allow some degree of injury; knowing the fairways will recover after a few short weeks.  
Pictures below will show results and some of the mystery so far.  
7 Green Heritage - A deep snow drift remains on the right side but the left side looks wonderful.  This is usually the last location on the Heritage to melt. 

12 Green Heritage 80% clear and looking outstanding

A close up of the exposed corner on putting green next to the Proshop.  Note the sand from the heavy fall application made right after the final fungicide spray. This sand protects the crown and insulates the green for the winter.  

Holes on the putting surface from our late fall solid tine aerification.  Having those open holes help move water off the surface and reduces the risk of ice build up at the crown level.  

The effects of our heavy Milorganite application on top of the heavy sand topdressing.  The black organic fertilizer floats into and surface water and aids in breaking up ice with the power of sunlight.  

The green Approach on number 2 Heritage with 95%+ Snowmold control and the brown fairway which is highly infected with Snowmold.  Note the two green tire track.  As I left the apporach last fall with the spray rig the tires picked up and tracked some of the approach mix out on the fairway.  

This picture is on 18 green bank.  It shows a slight drip of the nozzle while turning direction.  Snowmold control in a drip line.  

This is where things get very puzzling for me.  This is 9 fairway Heritage.  I had to refill the spray rig after spraying the left side.  The same mix was applied on the right side yet a much different control was achieved.  Only thing I can figure is the product did not mix properly in the tank?? I will be evaluating my detailed notes a little more after this result.  
The lower crowns are still green on the right side so it will recover; it will just take a few weeks after temperatures rise and moderate.  

17 approach right of red line and fairway left of red line.  Snowmold Disease pressure is always highest on 15-16-17-18  fairways so I use a mixture with more active ingredients.  The results look good once again.  

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