Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Reel grinding

Reel rebuilding and grinding is coming to an end in the shop for me which is good because that means spring is just around the corner.  Our seasonal mechanical staff will be starting soon and relieving me of the bulk shop duties so I can begin to focus on the final hiring of grounds staff and begin work in the field as the snowpack recedes.  By the time we need a mower on the turf they should all be ready to provide the highest quality cut possible to our emerging grass plants.  
Here is a close up look at a modified roller and bracket I created with the help of our local machine shop.  I had an issue with the reels digging into some of our green edges in areas that the greens took a sharp upward swoop on the edge.    This is a groomer roller that we machined to fit our 15 blade greens reels.  Works perfectly.  Our great turf equipment manufacturers come out with wonderful products but because every property is unique, modifications are necessary to enhance the ability of the equipment.  

Another look at the roller and bracket positioning 

15 blade reels are wonderful and provide a glass surface to the putting greens but you really must pay attention and have perfect positioning when completing a relief grind.  

Complete and Ready to be put back on the machines.

Heavy Fairway reels ready to go.  It's always nice to have help lifting these as they are a back buster.  

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