Sunday, March 22, 2015

Additions to our Equipment fleet

Our maintenance fleet got much stronger on Wednesday as we traded in our John Deere 5210 and took delivery of an updated John Deere 4066R.  The 5210 was only 2wd so it's use was limited to the Heritage course.  The 4066R is 4wd and has a climate controled cab making work during adverse conditions a non issue.  
We also purchased a Weidenmann Super 600.  This unit will be used to verticut the fairways; which must happen to manage our thatch levels on Greywalls because core aerification is limited due to the granite in the ground.  This unit will also flail mow native areas and complete leaf and stick cleanup with easy.  The Super 600 has a self contained hopper that collects the material and lifts 7 feet before dumping.  The collection box on this unit will reduce required man power for clean-up by 2-3.  Firmer and healthier turf is on the horizon at MGC.  
The Pronovost three way dump trailer was also added to haul away and dump material while vertical mowing fairways.  It will also be a huge time saver while competing tree work and sapling removal.  It will drastically reduce the travel time wasted to dump a load when using smaller cart beds.  
All three of these will create even more efficiencies within our operation at MGC.  
The New 4066R being pulled off the delivery trailer and touching MGC property for the first time.  

4066R backing up to hook up to the a Super 600.  

A fantastic tractor...I am very impressed!

Super 600 lifted in the dump position.  7 foot aerial lift before dumping.  

Pronovost 3-way dump trailer.  A huge time saver.  

We say good-bye to an old work horse...the 5210.  This unit has plenty of life left in it and will be a great addition to a course with easier terrain.  We wish it the best :)

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