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Friday, April 17, 2015

Opening for walking

As soon as number 7 green thaws out and the frost leaves the soil on it we can open The Heritage course for walking.  Other areas holding snow can be played around.  
Carts will be allowed as soon as all the snow melts, the surface dries a bit more and we get a chance to get our ropes out.  
We have the driving range and the putting greens open as The season is fast approaching!
Snow on 8 approach 

Drift of snow by 7 green keeping it frozen.  We have been out shoveling off the soft surface snow everyday this week to help the thaw along.  

Getting close!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Spring has arrived

Spring is indeed here this week!  We started to get the course cleaned up last week then 8-10" of wet (very wet) heavy snow last Friday slowed the effort.  It also created a lot more work by downing even more trees and branches.  
Temps in the upper 60's over the weekend and this week has melted the new snow and taken most of the old snow with it.  Work has again started on cleanup.  

The Driving Range officially opened at noon yesterday.  The range picker cart could not be used because of wet turf conditions and the Proshop ran out of balls within 5 hours!  They closed early so the balls could be hand picked.  

The turf looks absolutely fantastic as the snow melts.  The Fairways look about average but the Greens, Approaches and Tees look better than ever!!  A few minor changes to the Snowmold fungicide application last fall has provided better results.  I am very encouraged and happy with what I see!

Fairway spray lines on Greywalls.  Some tanks just did not work as well as others.  I am still not sure why but I have some contacts coming in today to give me their thoughts.  I am still not worried at all.  Recovery in these areas has already began.  Those harder hit areas will just lag behind a few weeks this early spring.  

I started to test and dial in our new Weidenmann Super 600 yesterday.  This unit is absolutely amazing!  Debris cleanup will be taken to a new level and the begining of fairway vertical mowing starts this season!

Our new Pronovost dump trailer will pay for itself in one season!  This thing has already saved hours of labor this spring alone!  You get something like this and you wonder how you managed without it.  

14 tee of the Heritage had the doors opened and lights turned on last week after an aggressive trim and undergrowth removal was complete.  Looking forward to some healthier teeing surfaces.  

Removal of the three D's (Dead-Dieing-Diseased) was also going on the last few weeks.  Cleanup still needs to take place in a few of these areas.  

The Bridge on number 4 Greywalls is getting a new deck.  The boards were rotten and have not been real easy to remove esp. with the amount of nails used for construction.  The crew is doing a great job so far.  

Our new directional signage for Greywalls look outstanding!  They will be a big improvement for our out of town guests.  The original wood signage was weathered beyond repair and was difficult to read.  

Here is a pic of our new Driving range hitting station dividers.  I am really excited about these also!

Big things continue to happen behind the scene at MGC!!
Your Grounds crew is always hard at work!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Frost damage on turf

Cold clear nights can cause frost to form on the surface of grass.  Traffic on those areas with frost can cause major damage and even death to very short cut turf like on a putting surface.  The course can not be played on or maintained until the frost melts off.  
The fall of 2013, after closing the Greywalls course down for the winter, someone was out walking on the property in the morning.  They ignored our ropes on 6 green and walked across the surface.  Every single footprint killed the grass below and in the spring of 2014 we had to make the repairs.  It took two plugs for every step.  
Just a reminder as lead into another golfing season.  

Friday, March 27, 2015

Green speed history

Here is a nice comparison to stimpmeter green speed readings at some of the countries best clubs over a 30 year span.  
Everyone talks about this topic especially during Masters weekend.  
I want to remind everyone that the real quality of a putting surface is in the quality of the ball roll or smoothness of the surface.  A firm true putting surface can only take place when proper and adequate vertical mowing and sand topdressing is the backbone of the cultural program.  
Another factor in ball roll quality; especially during evening rounds is proper Ballmark or pitch mark repair by the golfers.  Everyone must do their part.  

The new aggressive golf spikes are also not helping putting quality esp. on moist rainy days.  Does someone need so much traction that it destroys the quality for the golfers behind them?  I don't think so and the shoe manufactures must make changes.  

Monday, March 23, 2015

Snow melt evaluation on the Heritage course

One of my favorite times of year is snowmelt; not just because golf season is right around the corner but because I can evaluate all of our Snowmold applications.  
I toured the Heritage course today and from what I see (so far) the greens, tees and approaches look fantastic.  The fairways are a bit puzzling at this point.  Some fairways look wonderful yet other had significant Snowmold damage even when sprayed with the same products.  Control is never 100% because we only use two active ingredients at lower rates on the fairways.  The economics and the difference in the recovery threshold on that higher cut fairway turf surface make it possible to allow some degree of injury; knowing the fairways will recover after a few short weeks.  
Pictures below will show results and some of the mystery so far.  
7 Green Heritage - A deep snow drift remains on the right side but the left side looks wonderful.  This is usually the last location on the Heritage to melt. 

12 Green Heritage 80% clear and looking outstanding

A close up of the exposed corner on putting green next to the Proshop.  Note the sand from the heavy fall application made right after the final fungicide spray. This sand protects the crown and insulates the green for the winter.  

Holes on the putting surface from our late fall solid tine aerification.  Having those open holes help move water off the surface and reduces the risk of ice build up at the crown level.  

The effects of our heavy Milorganite application on top of the heavy sand topdressing.  The black organic fertilizer floats into and surface water and aids in breaking up ice with the power of sunlight.  

The green Approach on number 2 Heritage with 95%+ Snowmold control and the brown fairway which is highly infected with Snowmold.  Note the two green tire track.  As I left the apporach last fall with the spray rig the tires picked up and tracked some of the approach mix out on the fairway.  

This picture is on 18 green bank.  It shows a slight drip of the nozzle while turning direction.  Snowmold control in a drip line.  

This is where things get very puzzling for me.  This is 9 fairway Heritage.  I had to refill the spray rig after spraying the left side.  The same mix was applied on the right side yet a much different control was achieved.  Only thing I can figure is the product did not mix properly in the tank?? I will be evaluating my detailed notes a little more after this result.  
The lower crowns are still green on the right side so it will recover; it will just take a few weeks after temperatures rise and moderate.  

17 approach right of red line and fairway left of red line.  Snowmold Disease pressure is always highest on 15-16-17-18  fairways so I use a mixture with more active ingredients.  The results look good once again.  

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Additions to our Equipment fleet

Our maintenance fleet got much stronger on Wednesday as we traded in our John Deere 5210 and took delivery of an updated John Deere 4066R.  The 5210 was only 2wd so it's use was limited to the Heritage course.  The 4066R is 4wd and has a climate controled cab making work during adverse conditions a non issue.  
We also purchased a Weidenmann Super 600.  This unit will be used to verticut the fairways; which must happen to manage our thatch levels on Greywalls because core aerification is limited due to the granite in the ground.  This unit will also flail mow native areas and complete leaf and stick cleanup with easy.  The Super 600 has a self contained hopper that collects the material and lifts 7 feet before dumping.  The collection box on this unit will reduce required man power for clean-up by 2-3.  Firmer and healthier turf is on the horizon at MGC.  
The Pronovost three way dump trailer was also added to haul away and dump material while vertical mowing fairways.  It will also be a huge time saver while competing tree work and sapling removal.  It will drastically reduce the travel time wasted to dump a load when using smaller cart beds.  
All three of these will create even more efficiencies within our operation at MGC.  
The New 4066R being pulled off the delivery trailer and touching MGC property for the first time.  

4066R backing up to hook up to the a Super 600.  

A fantastic tractor...I am very impressed!

Super 600 lifted in the dump position.  7 foot aerial lift before dumping.  

Pronovost 3-way dump trailer.  A huge time saver.  

We say good-bye to an old work horse...the 5210.  This unit has plenty of life left in it and will be a great addition to a course with easier terrain.  We wish it the best :)

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Cart Barn reorganization

The original old Red maintenance barn at the Heritage course is no longer safe to even walk in and is coming down.  The loss of that leaky barn left us in need of some cold storage for some of our equipment.  
The club leased Proshop carts were also being forced in the corner of barn C.  That parking scenario was very inefficient and created a potential for cart damage when parked so tight.  
We did an inventory of the three lower parking lot cart barns and found out there was not even enough member carts to fill up two barns.  
The club owned equipment storage dilemma was discussed in our managers meetings.  We had two options 1.) build a new building, which is expensive and not an immediate solution to a current problem or 2.) efficiently utilize the current storage buildings owned by MGC.  The more effective and efficient manner of parking (option 2) was recommended at a board meeting and it was approved.  It was a quick decision because it costs no money and was immediate.  
We took advantage of last Sunday and Mondays warm weather to reorganize and clean the three barns.  Cart barn A and Cart barn C are now member cart storage barns and cart barn B is now used to store maintenance equipment on the left and Proshop carts to the right.  
A great solution and great result.  Marc and I are very happy to become more organized and efficiently utilizes our spaces.