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Friday, April 18, 2014

Our Equipment on the Heritage side has all been fired up for the spring and the Proshop carts are getting serviced.  The member cart barns have been cleaned and we plan on repainting the parking lines early next week.
The 'Old Red Barn' is officially dead.  The South side roof main beams finally gave way this winter so I am going to move everything out of it next week (after I brace it).  It will be boarded up until we tear it down.  We will need to find a temporary cold storage solution until we find a replacement for the 100 year old structure.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

 I fired up the old girl to help us move some snow around the shop this week!
 A new seat for the old work horse
The old seat....Yes it was time for a new one :)
The ground above the stump burial pile left of #18 Greywalls is really starting to cave in after 11 years!
We will have to get a bulldozer in here to rework this area along with the other burial area by #11 red/gold tees.
Putting Green #1 Greywalls is seeing the light (at least some of it is)
With this weather the sign shop is in full force :)   We are getting around to some signs we have been wanting to create for several years now.  Productive times at MGC!

We took our first fertilizer delivery of the year this early week before the road restrictions take a hold because they may be in force for some time this spring.
More flood water pumping last Sunday at the Heritage shop