Friday, March 27, 2015

Green speed history

Here is a nice comparison to stimpmeter green speed readings at some of the countries best clubs over a 30 year span.  
Everyone talks about this topic especially during Masters weekend.  
I want to remind everyone that the real quality of a putting surface is in the quality of the ball roll or smoothness of the surface.  A firm true putting surface can only take place when proper and adequate vertical mowing and sand topdressing is the backbone of the cultural program.  
Another factor in ball roll quality; especially during evening rounds is proper Ballmark or pitch mark repair by the golfers.  Everyone must do their part.  

The new aggressive golf spikes are also not helping putting quality esp. on moist rainy days.  Does someone need so much traction that it destroys the quality for the golfers behind them?  I don't think so and the shoe manufactures must make changes.  

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